Multicolor Baking Decoration Tool + 3 Piping Bags Pack

Multicolor Baking Decoration Tool + 3 Piping Bags Pack

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Are you a home baker looking to impress your guests with brilliantly decorated treats? Or do you know someone who is?

Create professional-looking icing decorations with total ease using this 3 Color Cake Decorating Nozzle with Piping Bag

The set comes with an innovative 3-spouted nozzle plus 3 piping bags- everything you need to get decorating!

Put a different color icing into each bag, attach to the nozzle and squeeze. It couldn’t be simpler!

No more boring or messy icing on your cakes, just colorful, clean icing perfection.

Ice multiple cakes quickly and easily with minimal effort using this simple-to-use piping bag and nozzle.

Perfect for beginners, children and home bakers, you don’t need any training to create beautiful, colorful decorations on your cupcakes and birthday cakes.

Impress your friends and family with your Instagram-worthy icing decorations. Display showstopping creations at your next bake sale- everyone will want to know your secret.

Buy the 3 Color Cake Decorating Nozzle with Piping Bag to make icing creative, colorful and fun again!

1 Multicolor Baking Decoration Tool
3 Reusable Icing Piping Bags

About the Multicolor Baking Decoration Tool:
This nozzle adaptor combines the contents from 3 different piping bags to come out at the same time in an explosion of colors.

Use this tool to make awesome looking baked goods!

Suitable for 2.6cm (1in) nozzle tips.

Height: 4.5cm (1.8in)
Outer diameter: 4.5cm (1.8in)
Upper diameter: 2.1cm (0.8in)

About the Reusable Icing Piping Bag:
Reusable, durable, flexible and practical.
Smooth interior for squeezing easily, rough exterior, better for gripping.
Ideal for making cakes, biscuit, cookies, chocolate, pie, etc.


Size:  20cm x 34cm (8in x 13in)

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