5 Shape Creative Frying Pan Molds

5 Shape Creative Frying Pan Molds

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Creative cooking shapes – fun for the whole family! Perfect pancakes every time!

Silicone moulds put the excitement back into cooking!

If you love pancakes, eggs, hash browns, and anything fried – this is the kitchen accessory you need in your life! These silicone kitchen moulds make perfect shapes out of all of your favorite foods – food-safe and professional-grade!

With five different shapes to choose, you can create amazing meals in the kitchen with ease. Round and large round moulds for your pancakes and hash browns make breakfast a snap! If you want to spice things up at the table, the heart and flower moulds are fun for the whole family. Even kids can use the Creative Frying Pan Mould to create amazing meals at any age!

Simply pour the batter or beaten eggs into the food-safe moulds – right in the pan. The moulds are heat-resistant and reusable for endless fun! They are non-stick and dishwasher-safe for easy use and no cleanup required! All materials are FDA-approved for food use and safe family fun!

Each mould comes separately – rounds, flowers, hearts, and squares. For every baker and chef, these moulds create perfect shapes without the fuss. Don’t mess around with imitations and inferior moulds! Buy the Creative Frying Pan Moulds today and start making magic in the kitchen!

Size of Moulds #1 - #4: 35cm x 16cm x 1.6cm (13.8in x 6.3in x 0.6in)
Size of Mould #5: 40cm x 23cm x 1.5cm (15.7in x 9in x 0.6in)

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