Shrimping Net

Shrimping Net

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Looking for an easy and economical way to catch fish, lobster and crayfish? Look no further, this 6 Hole Hexagon Fishing Net Trap is for you!

There’s something so rewarding about catching your own dinner, but sometimes fishing can be fiddly and frustrating.

Now fishing is made easy with this 6 Hole Hexagon Fishing Net Trap.

Easy to use and no need to untangle, just pull the string on the top and the net will open.

360 degree design with 6 different entry points, the net is highly effective at trapping lobsters, crabs, crayfish, eels and shrimp.

Economical to use, simply place the bait in the center bait bag and use it to attract fish into all the different compartments.

Portable in design, the net’s rib cage folds quickly and easily to a compact size, allowing you to pack up fast.

Built from six steel bars with a nylon net, the design is strong enough to withstand any catches or currents.

The zipper compartment allows you to easily remove your catch without damaging the net.

Enjoy fishing without any of the hassle using this 6 Hole Hexagonal Fishing Net Trap.

    Fishing Net Approximate Size: Diameter:38.97", Height:11.8",  Closed length:24"

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