Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses

Anti-Glare Night Vision Glasses

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Want to eliminate dangerous glare and improve nighttime driving safely?

These anti-glare glasses brighten up your vision allowing you to drive safely without eye strain.

Developed using specially coated yellow lenses that specifically block glare causing wavelengths while increasing contrast and brightness.

Instantly clearer, instantly brighter. Turn dull, fuzzy and strained into bright, clear and relaxed driving.

 Stylishly designed to be worn like standard glasses or on top of your prescription frames, makes them convenient for use at any time of the day.

 ✓ Eliminate road glare from headlights.

✓ Great against strong modern LED headlights.

✓ Increase brightness during low-light hours.

✓ Reduce eye-strain for relaxed driving.

✓ Wear on top of your standard frames.

✓ Or just wear by themselves.

✓ Not sold in stores


 Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I wear these over my prescription glasses?

A: Yes. The wrap-around styling of these glasses allows them to be worn over prescription lenses. They can also be worn alone.

Q: Do they help with LED headlights?

A: Yes. Strong modern LED headlights cause the most glare and the anti-glare glasses are designed to cut down glare from LED lights (and traditional bulbs).

Q: I've had LASIK surgery. Can these help?

A: Many patients of LASIK complain of being affected by glare from headlights. Many of our customers who have had LASIK notice a remarkable difference when using the anti-glare glasses.

Q: Can I wear them through the day?

A: Yes. Many of our customers prefer to wear anti-glare glasses through the day to cut down on sun and snow glare.

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