Bake Master

Bake Master

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Sick of your baking sticking to the bottom of tins? Or baking projects that end in a huge mess? Problems solved when you have Bake Master™

Bake a cake in any shape! Hundreds of possibilities! Bake Master™ assembles in seconds for beautiful cakes, every time!

This adjustable cake mold lets you bake a cake in hundreds of different shapes. The cake mold is the perfect addition to any home kitchen. If you love to bake cakes in fun shapes, this is a great tool for any home baker or professional chef. The mold is easy to use and customize to your baking project

The stabilizing pillars and patented interlocking system prevents leakage, retaining the shape while you bake. Silicone sides peel off easily from your cake without sticking and are dishwasher safe.

If you have a special someone in your life, wouldn’t they like a heart-shaped cake for a special occasion? How about a letter cake for their birthday? Sure, the Bake Master™ can help you bake a simple square or circle cake, but your imagination is the limit! Stars, bears, fish, crosses, and more – you can bake them all. If you can come up with the idea, the Bake Master™ makes it easy to bake a cake in whatever shape you choose!

  • 1 Silicone Sides Connector measures 18.8 cm * 5.5 cm
  • Set contains 4 pieces of Sides Connector
  • BPA Free and Made of Food Grade Silicone
  • Safe to use up to 250 Celsius or 480 Fahrenheit

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