Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder

Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder

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Are you a budding amateur photographer? Do you want to have better light for your photographs but don’t want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on professional equipment?

Then the Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder is the ideal solution!

The Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder offers you the choice of converting one light socket into either 4 or 7.

The perfect light source for poorly lit areas such as cellars or attics!

Also ideal for garages, workshops, or other areas where you need optimum lighting.

No more squinting in dim light. No more complaining that your photographs are poorly lit.

With so many DIY solutions for photographers on the internet, the Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder is a great addition to your toolkit without breaking the bank.

Can be used with LED light bulbs, energy saving lamps, and 25W incandescent bulbs.
Can also be used for outdoor events, such a garden barbecues, to offer a quick solution for your lighting needs.

For any situation where you have complained about poor lighting, the Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder is the product you have been waiting for, so order today!

My kitchen was dim and shadowy with only one bulb in an overhead fixture. I replaced that bulb with this adaptor - it holds 7 bulbs, but I only put 4 LED bulbs in. Now I have a very bright and cheery kitchen!

Used these for indoor growing. You can have up to 7 LED 100 watt equivalent bulbs for 100 watts of power. Great results.

Supplies plenty of light, and this unit uses only 63 watts or less with the bulbs I use.

My garage is now lit up like a showroom, with two of these units in play. SWEET !

Works great, I use multiple led flood lamps in this splitter and it does its job!

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