Car Auto Garbage Bin/Bag

Car Auto Garbage Bin/Bag

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Car Auto Garbage Bin/Bag

Are you tired of fast food wrappers and beverage bottles on the floor and under your feet?
Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of throwing rubbish out of your car?
Hope to have a place to put all the wrappers and litter that accumulates inside your car?

Keep your Car Interior looking new, clean and clutter-free with the Car Auto Garbage Bin/Bag! It's made of durable Oxford cloth. The thick waterproof liner ensures the bag won’t leak and keeps drips and spills from staining your carpet and upholstery.


  • EASY TO INSTALL AND IMMOBILIZE- Quick release buckle and adjustable strap allow the trash garbage to hang securely from any car seat. The fixing hook at the bottom can be fixed under the seat easily.
  • CONVENIENT CARRIER- This litter bag has mesh bags solid enough to prevent tearing with elastic rubber. Tissue, bottles, umbrellas and other small items can be put in.
  • High-capacity and Save Space- has enough space with the perfect size. The Velcro seal keeps unpleasant sights and smells hidden away!
  • Adjustable headrest strap and quick-release buckle make it easy to remove to clean, then re-hang and re-use. It's environment-friendly and saves you a lot of money!
  • FASHION AND UTILITY APPEARANCE DESIGN - It is designed in a most practical way. It takes up minimal amount of space yet gives you full garbage capacity thereby making it a most convenient accessory for your vehicle.
  • BE SECURE WHEN DRIVING - Are you worried about interference with your driving because of things being messy or rolling around in your seats. The bag is your safe little housekeeper, securing loose items in your car for you and your passengers.


Shape: Round
Type: Storage Bucket
Brand Name: EH-LIFE
Style: Pressing Type
Usage: Ash Urns

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