Corn Conqueror

Corn Conqueror

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Love eating corn but annoyed by the hassle of removing kernels off corn cobs?

Discover how the Corn Conqueror makes stripping corn easy and less of a mess.

Works well with different size of corns. Easily remove kernels from fresh, frozen or cooked corn in one quick motion.

The durable stainless steel blades are made to resist abrasion and corrosion and do not deform. Carefully designed to last long and for safe and efficient use. The plastic handle makes for an easy and safe hold and helps protect your hands from the stainless steel blade.

Portable size, lightweight, easy to handle and use. Can be hold in your hands and use it anywhere, no need for electricity or other tools. Remove the kernels from the corn with just a push.

 A must have in your kitchen, makes corn kernels stripping easier and safer. 

As this is a new product in our store we have a limited supply, so GET YOURS NOW before we run out!

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