Decorative Flower Lifter for Precision Baking

Decorative Flower Lifter for Precision Baking

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Perfect position every time! A baker’s best friend!

Laser-like precision for icing flowers, cake figurines, and toppings.

With the Decorative Flower Lifter, you’ll always have a perfect cake for every occasion. The scissor action and comfort grip make it an easy job – perfect placement every time. Made from food-grade materials and approved for home use, the Flower Lifter is an essential tool for any decorative cake.

Everyone loves a beautiful cake for their birthday or wedding. Some bakers elevate cake decorating to an art form – using the right tools, anything is possible! All it takes is an idea and the passion to create. The Decorative Flower Lifter is the perfect tool to assist your placement of delicate icing creations.

Icing decorations are fragile and delicate – one wrong move, and you have to start over again. The Decorative Flower Lifter eliminates squishing and mushing your beautiful icing creations. It’s tragic to lose your creative piece of icing art to a bad transition. Use the Flower Lifter and be proud of your perfect cake!

Creating artwork demands precision and the proper tools. No home chef or professional baker should go without the Decorative Flower Lifter. Always use the right tool for the job! No other kitchen utensil can outperform this scissor-lifting tool with the precision and delicacy required!

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