Dog Adjustable Car Seat Belt

Dog Adjustable Car Seat Belt

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Help keep your dog from distracting you while driving!

As a dog owner, there are few things more exciting that putting your puppy in the backseat and taking a road trip across state lines. In fact, even a quick trip to the grocery store or the mall with your dog as a passenger can be a blast.

But unless you properly restrain your dog when you are on the road, you could be putting him or her in serious danger. In reality, dogs should be strapped in at all times when they are riding in cars with their owners.

  • EASY TO USE – don't worry about fiddling with one of our dog car restraints for hours before you strap your pooch into the backseat. Our restraint is extremely easy to use and will have you on the road in a matter of minutes. 
  • COMFORTABLE – your puppy will barely notice the restraint keeping him or her strapped securely in the car. Don't worry about your pooch squirming about or barking to get loose – our dog car restraint is extremely comfortable and will cause your puppy no harm. 
  • ADJUSTABLE and perfect for all dogs – whether you have a Great Dane in your backseat or a little Bichon, you can still use one of our dog car restraints to keep him or her safe in the backseat of your car. Plus, our dog car restraint is adjustable as well, providing extra room for growth as your puppy grows up.  

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