Double-Stand Shoe Rack

Double-Stand Shoe Rack

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Struggling with space for all your shoes?
Free up valuable room with this ingenious brand new Double-Stand Shoe Rack.

By simply placing your shoes inside the Double-Stand Shoe Rack you can double your shoe storage space instantly!

If you do not have much storage space and you are looking to free up additional space, this is the perfect product to help you maximize your existing space.

With the compact, sleek, stackable modern design, you can easily tuck away your shoes in well-organized efficient manner for easy access whenever you need. Skid-proof, your shoes will always be kept in an impeccable manner, clean and ready to wear.

Made from high quality toxin-free material with an in-built snap joint to prevent shoes from falling off the rack.

Visually-pleasing with a beautiful design and multiple colors available for you to choose from.

Adjustable up to 4 levels with a maximum height of 16cm.

Ideal for small places, in case you need more space in your apartment, room, dorm, children's closet, small closet, wherever it may be you can double your space.

Designed for maximum breathability, allowing for an odorless, clean, scuff-free experience at all times.

4-Angle foldable design to fit almost any shoe type and size, sneakers, sandals, slippers, kid’s shoes.

If you want more shoes but have nowhere to keep them, well now you can buy twice as many shoes as you want, and also get 100% more space. Grab your Double Stand Shoe Rack today to enjoy all these benefits and more right away!


Much better way to organize shoes especially when in shortage of storage. Highly recommend for those who always want to get things in order.

These save so much space and solves my shoe collection organization issues!

They are fun and easy to use since they provide double storage space!

I’m obsessed with these. It has given me twice as much room as I had before for my sneakers.

Need to save space and get organized...these do exactly that!

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