Drain Cleaner Stick (12 pcs)

Drain Cleaner Stick (12 pcs)

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Want a simple but perfect solution to keep all your drains and sinks clean and odor-free?

Then use our Drain Cleaner Sticks.  Just one stick per month is all it takes to avoid embarrassing smells and nasty water buildup in your kitchen, bathroom, and communal drains, sinks, and showers.

Features and benefits:

Made of 100% powerful enzyme. The stick lodges in your sink and drain’s trap and releases a concentrated blend of enzymes that stop odors for up to 30 days.

Perfect for all drain and sinks. Help prevent smelly drains — perfect for the kitchen, vanity, bathtub, utility/mop and sinks.

Fast and easy cleaning.  Just insert or drop it down every sink and drain in your home and it breaks down and digests organic deposits and grease buildup.

Prevents nasty smells. Prevent smelly pipes; stop smell at its source.

12 sticks in one pack.  The pack consists of twelve sticks.  This allows you to stock up to keep every sink and drain in your home clear and odor-free.  

Safe for plumbing and septic tanks. It’s an all-natural, biodegradable, non-toxic material that will not clog or corrode your pipes.

Saves you time and money.  No need to for plumber or drain snakes.  Just easy, fast and safe drain and sink cleaning solution.

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