Dust Cleaning Sweeper

Dust Cleaning Sweeper

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Struggling to clean those hard to reach nooks and crevices? Looking to keep your home dust-free? Then this Dust Cleaning Sweeper

Our Dust Cleaning Sweeper allows you to clean even the trickiest spots easily!

Dusty toolbox, car drinks holder or cutlery drawer? Been putting off cleaning because you can’t face taking everything out?

Problem solved! The Dust Cleaning Sweeper picks up dust, not your things.

Made from dozens of flexible tubes, the Dust Cleaning Sweeper bends around objects to suction the dirt from beneath.

Attach to your vacuum cleaner and go! It comes with a universal adaptor to make it compatible with any vacuum cleaner.

Perfect for dusting hard to reach areas or cleaning fragile items, the Dust Cleaning Sweeper gets to dust you can’t usually reach. It’s even safe to use inside computers or on your keyboard.

You won’t believe how much time you save and how much cleaner your home is!

Don’t hesitate, try the Dust Cleaning Sweeper today. You won’t regret it!


This handy little device is a great time saver. This makes keeping the hair under the refrigerator and other large appliances an easy task. 

This attachment fits my car vacuum. Works great on my car, especially picking up dust in the corner of my car seat. Very useful.

It works great with my vocumm! It can perfectly clean up the corner of the window, the corner of my car. It makes cleaning more easier.

It fits over my vaccum hose and it was able to pick up dust in my bins and drawers.

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