Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Love doing your makeup but hate washing brushes? Want to clean away bacteria without damaging your brushes?

The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is for you!

We all know we should clean our brushes more, but sometimes it can be such a chore. All that time spritzing and wiping brushes, yet they never really seem clean. Finally, there’s a solution...

As seen on social media the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is the quickest and most effective way to wash your brushes without damaging the quality.

It’s so quick and easy. Just pour a little water and baby shampoo into the base, choose the correct brush cap, then insert your brush. In seconds the water solution will whizz away any makeup and bacteria on your brush.

To dry your brushes simply pour away the liquid and insert your brush again. This will spin away any excess water and speed up drying time significantly.

The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is thorough enough to fully wash your brushes, whilst being gentle enough that it doesn’t damage them, leaving your brushes soft and fluffy.

It’s the latest innovation in makeup tools, used by MUAs and influencers all over the world.

8 differently sized brush caps mean that you can use the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner for your entire makeup bag- from eyeshadow to powder brushes.

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is essential to prevent bacteria and breakouts, as well as ensuring that they last a long time. The Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner makes cleaning your brushes so easy that you’ll be sure to do it more regularly.

Look after your makeup brushes and protect your skin from bacteria by purchasing the Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner today.

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