Electric Shoe Dryer

Electric Shoe Dryer

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Hate waiting around for your shoes to dry after a day in the rain or snow? Want to prevent shoe odor?

Then the Electric Shoe Dryer is for you!

Wet shoes are hard to dry and can accumulate all kinds of bad odors if left alone. Even worse, dampness ruins the quality of shoes and means you have to buy new ones more regularly.

Prevent odors and protect the quality of your shoes with our Electric Shoe Dryer- it’s so easy to use and will save your shoes!

It’s great to use after outdoor activities such a hiking, running or playing sports. No more waiting around to dry out your boots- just plug in the Electric Shoe Dryer, put it in your shoes and wait.

Quick drying helps deodorize shoes and purple light sterilizes them from the bacteria which thrives in damp conditions and creates bad odors. The Electric Shoe Dryer gets to work with only 5 minutes warm up time.

Suitable for all kinds of shoes: leather, cloth, cotton, man-made textiles and rain boots. The power cord is even long enough to use them for boots.

Safe to use in your home, the bottom of the Shoe Dryer is made from fire-retardant material.

You can also use them in gloves, socks, coat pockets to help dry out your other items of clothing after a wet day outdoors.

Look after your shoes and prevent bad odors by ordering the Electric Shoe Dryer now!

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