EverLight - Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lamp (5-Pack)

EverLight - Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lamp (5-Pack)

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Our garden is a refuge from the madness of daily life, a place to relax, to entertain, to enjoy our own little slice of nature.

One essential component of any garden is the lighting you choose. Lighting can be for security reasons, to highlight a particular feature, or just to create a warm and welcoming ambience in your refuge.

Whatever the reason, the last thing you want is to be dealing with lots of tricky and annoying wires.

Which is why the Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lamp (5 pack) provides an optimum solution!

This set of five solar-powered lamps are quick and easy to install and need wiring to the mains!

With a choice of warm white (3000K – ideal for that cosy ambience) or in white (6500K – ideal for lighting specific areas or security) these lamps tick all the boxes. Please stipulate which you prefer or white will be sent as default choice!

You can choose to turn the Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lamps manually, or use the handy automatic sensor which will switch them on as it gets dark.

A 4-5 hour charge during daylight will give you approximately 8-10 hours of light.
Each lamp lights an area of 1-3 square metres.

If your garden if looking a little dull and lacklustre in the evenings, buy the Outdoor Solar Powered LED Lamps (5 pack) today!

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