Glimmer Bowl

Glimmer Bowl

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Want to make night time bathroom trips easier in the dark? Looking for a fun way to toilet train your kids? Then this LED Toilet Bowl Light is for you!

Never stumble in the dark again with the motion sensor LED Toilet Bowl Light!

8 different colors will light up your toilet bowl, with 15 second intervals, making it easier for you and your family to make bathroom trips at night.

Hygienic and energy efficient, the auto-sensor system will turn the light on as you approach the toilet and turn it off after you leave.
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Fits any toilet bowl and is easy to install. The arm simply hooks over the edge of the bowl to install the LED light.

Makes your bathroom accessible and safe for the whole family by lighting up the toilet in the dark.

Toilet training is fun for kids with the multi-colored LED Toilet Bowl Light.

Make your bathroom a more fun and safer environment with the LED Toilet Bowl Light today!

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