Golf Club Groove Sharpener

Golf Club Groove Sharpener

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Looking to use more backspin and ball control like the Pros?

Discover how this tool can help you achieve just that!

Both professionals and amateurs are talking about the improvement in their game by simply sharpening and maintaining the grooves of their clubs with this Groove Sharpener Tool.

The grooves in your clubs allow for ball control and spin. Over time the grooves fill with dirt and deform from the many impacts.

Using this tool you will be able to avoid dirt on your clubs negatively affecting your game.

We currently have a limited supply and over 3.000 sold out in a matter of days on our last batch, so GET YOURS NOW!

Material: : Alloy

Dimensions: : Approx. 4 x 1" (L*D)

Not sold in stores

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