High Pressure Water Nozzle

High Pressure Water Nozzle

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Convert your ordinary hose to become a super efficient cleaning hose.

The High Pressure Water Nozzle will blast away any dirt, stain, and debris accurately and with ease.

It's made out of premium quality aluminum metal that is rust and corrosion resistant.

It's ideal for washing out the dirt on your car, garden, home, and more. You can also control your desired pressure in its adjustable controller valve.

Plus, it has 2 changeable nozzles. The fan spray nozzle and the straightforward jet spray nozzle. With this powerful tool, any type of dirt or filth won't stand a chance to stick in your home, car, and garden.

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This little hand held power washer is so powerful. I used it on my cars and walls and it absolutely makes everything so nice and clean.

Works well and is great for cleaning car tires.

Perfect, plain and simple works just like advertised.

This worked way better than I thought it would. Very strong stream.

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