Induction Guided Toy Vehicle

Induction Guided Toy Vehicle

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Your kids are in for a surprise! This unique toy isn't your typical battery powered toy vehicle!

It features a SMART induction sensing mechanism that enables you to guide and create your vehicle's tracks by simply drawing a black line on a white blank piece of paper!

Learning to draw with your kids has never been this fun and interactive! Bring out your kid's creativity and keep them entertained for hours!  

  • Ready to Use - The Induction Guided Toy Vehicle is extremely easy to setup and power up! No technical skills needed! Simply plug-in 4 x AG 13 button cells you can buy over-the-counter, turn on the vehicle, and you're all set to create tracks your own tracks and explore them!
  • SMART Sensing Technology - Equipped with the most advanced tracking technology which enables the toy to follow your personally made pathways with top precision! A never-before-seen feature that makes playing with cars a lot more organized and mess-free! Say goodbye to toy cars scattered randomly around the house!
  • Fun and Innovative -  Hours of fun and excitement awaits! Unleash your children's creativity and watch their faces light up with joy as they generate their unique combination of pathway ideas! 
  • Package Includes: 

    1 x InkDash™ Induction Guided Toy Vehicle
    1 x Magic pen
    1 x Instruction manual  


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