Jade Roller

Jade Roller

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Looking for a 100% natural way to remove toxins from your skin and reduce wrinkles?

The Jade roller has recently been featured in both Vogue and Byrdie, for it's renowned ability to rejuvenate skin.  The cool stone feels phenomenal in the mornings, as it reduces your stressed facial muscles and clears up your complexion.

This green Chinese jade facial massager was commonly used by Chinese women for centuries to reduce wrinkles and improve skin health.  According to Chinese medicine the Jade crystal will balance your skin's Chi, which helps with any number of symptoms, like anxiety, pain and fatigue.

The most famous woman who used such device was Empress Ci Xi in late Qing Dynasty. It was said that her face was very soft and smooth when she died at age of 75.


Hold the jade handle bar and move either wheel up or down your face for about 10-15 minutes each day.   It works well on dry skin but is the most efficient if used after applying a natural moisturizer or facial oil.

Get yours now and start rejuvenating your skin.

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