Japanese Bento Box

Japanese Bento Box

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Looking for a cute way to pack lunch for yourself or your kids? Want to keep food warm and avoid leaks? Then the Mini Bento Box is for you!

Say goodbye to boring lunch boxes and crumpled brown bags and say hello to the cute, efficient Mini Bento Box!

Keeps food warm for up to 10 hours with innovative insulation, so that your food tastes fresh whenever you want it.

Add stackable layers to your box so you can keep a main dish, sides and even fruit or dessert in the Mini Bento Box.

With three different cute colours, you’re lunchbox will brighten your day whenever you sit down for a meal.

Leak proof containers ensure your food won’t damage the inside of your bag or spill onto clothes.

Easy to clean stainless steel makes packing your lunch everyday less of a chore and prevents accumulation of bacteria. They’re even dishwasher-friendly.

Package food with love for your kids and be sure that it will be in the same condition as when you cooked it.

A useful handle makes it easy to carry to school or work, plus you can buy an extra insulation bag to protect the Bento Box and keep food warmer for even longer.

Buy the Mini Bento Box now and start enjoying lunch more with food that tastes fresh and is ready when you are.


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