Kalimba Finger Piano

Kalimba Finger Piano

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Looking for an instrument that will make music fun for kids? Want to expand your own musical repertoire? Then this Kalimba Finger Piano is for you!

Experiment with new sounds and techniques using our Kalimba Finger Piano.

Indigenous to a number of African countries, the Kalimba Finger Piano has a variety of traditional uses- from ridding patients of evil spirits to praying for rain.

You can use it as an exotic accompaniment to other instruments or play the Kalimba solo.

The sound is produced by the flexing of the metal strips; the different lengths of metal create a range of different notes.

To play the Kalimba, hold the main body with two hands, then press down and release the metal strips with both thumbs to create a note.

Perfect for children to experiment with music making, at home or in the classroom. The Kalimba Finger Piano is a great introduction to music from around the world.

Buy the Kalimba Finger Piano today and bring music into your home for the whole family.

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