Cake Decorating and Display Turntable

Cake Decorating and Display Turntable

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Rotating action for easy cake decorating! Smooth-rolling bearings for precision icing!

Every baker needs a cake stand!

This cake-making platform features 360-degree rotation for accuracy and professional-grade icing. The all-white design looks great with any cake! Don’t struggle with a stationary stand – rotation is your friend!

The Cake Making Turntable Decorating Platform is a must-have for any serious baker. Even amateurs deserve the best tools at the lowest price! The food-grade materials will stand up to heavy use, looking good for years to come!

With a portable design and durable construction, the rotating platform makes it easy to decorate cakes and other desserts with professional style. Stainless-steel bearings make it easy to glide the cake around its axis to achieve even icing and a perfect look, every time!

The stand is 27cm (11”) wide in diameter, big enough for large cakes if the whole family is coming over. With a height of 7cm (2.8”), the cake stand will proudly display your culinary creation for everyone to see! Be proud of your hard work and display your wonderful cake with the proper respect!

Whether you’re simply icing a birthday cake or creating a one-of-a-kind wedding cake, this is the perfect tool to help you achieve the best results. Don’t waste time with stationary stands – use the spin to win!

With an all-white design and clean look, the cake stand is the perfect addition to your next baking creation. Show off your baking skills with pride – display your amazing cakes with the best rotating cake stand on the market!

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