LED Faucet with Temperature Sensor

LED Faucet with Temperature Sensor

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This sensitive faucet light will change colors according to the temperature of water!


Never hurt your hand again! This unique gadget instantly shows you the water temperature before you put your hands into the water.

Water glows green when water is Warm (temperature is 33°C to 41°C)

Water glows red when water is Hot (temperature above 42°C)

Water glows blue when water is Cold (temperature below 32°C)


No batteries and external power supply needed, it will illuminate when water flows.

Fits on most taps and lights up a set of LEDs when you turn on the tap transforming the stream of water into a beautiful waterfall of light.

An excellent visual tool for young children and the elderly.

Getting this will allow you to quickly determine the temperature of the flowing water using only your eyes!


Item size: 32*22mm

Item weight: 15g

Body Color: Silver


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