LED Solar Powered Humming Bird Chime

LED Solar Powered Humming Bird Chime

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The pretty hummingbirds will light up when charged and when daylight fades, transforming your garden into a magical space.

Even as far back as Ancient Rome, Cicero said: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

The garden remains our haven, our personal retreat, and somewhere we can both relax and entertain.

This LED Solar Powered Hummingbird Chime is the ideal addition to your garden.

No need for batteries or wires, the LED Solar Powered Hummingbird Chime is solar powered and environmentally friendly!

The LED Solar Powered Humming Bird Chime is 100% waterproof and weather resistant!

Suitable to hang from trees, fences, on your patio, or in your gazebo. Also suitable for indoor use as long as it can receive sunlight. The unique design features seven changing colours.

Children and adults will both love this magical garden ornament.

Order the LED Solar Powered Humming Bird Chime today and your garden will be sparkling soon!


The colors are amazing. My husband bought one for me & I ADORED it. Soon after I ordered 5 more!

I could watch it all night. They are simply beautiful!!!

We all love it. It can change colors automatically and it can shine even in cloudy days. It’s really really beautiful.

This is so pretty! I absolutely love how each hummingbird changes color separately. It is gorgeous!

It is delightful to see it lit at light and rotates the colors. I think the style and colors are a great addition to any backyard or patio space! I will recommend to my friends.

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