Magic Mug

Magic Mug

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People take coffee very seriously, after all, for many of us it is the fuel that gets us through the working day.

But the problems we face! Leaving a cup unfinished, kids knocking the cup over, even spilling it ourselves!

No more! The Magic Mug is the ideal solution for all coffee – and tea – drinkers everywhere.This 15cm tall mug is vacuum insulated, and will retain both heat (for up to 4 hours) and cold (for up to 12 hours).

This fantastic mug is also designed to withstand knocks from any angle to prevent spillage.

Stop worrying about spills and order the Magic Mug today!


Awesome product. Works as described. Perfect for me as i am disabled and often knock things over. But not my drinks anymore!

Would definitely recommend this brand of mugs to anyone. The suction feature on the bottom of any of Magic Mugs brand cups won't tip over from your everyday typical elbowing or hand knocking it. The cup is easily lifted straight up off the surface, once place down again the cup won't tilt at all.

This mug is amazing! We are constantly playing with them. On my desk at work though and on my coffee table this thing holds. Even passes the dog tail test. We got some for my boyfriend's family and they love them too!

Great mug! Bought it to replace a Halloween mug I've been holding on to forever that was starting to loose it's vacuum insulation. I love this mug!

This mug does what it is entitled to do. What more can I say. My mother loves the turquoise color and it has saved her keyboard quite a few times already. It is very sturdy unless you punch it or knock it with a lot of force. Other than that it performs as expected and at this price tag you can't beat it.

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