Miracle Foot Care Machine

Miracle Foot Care Machine

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Stop Being Ashamed of Your Feet.

It's not easy looking after your feet. They get forgotten, ignored and allowed to build up layer upon layer of dead skin, tough ugly calluses and cracked heels from suffering the rigours of day-to-day life.

Miracle Foot Care Machine is a cordless, pocket-sized skin remover that can take care of your poor, tired feet - anywhere, any time. The powerful motor spins the abrasion rollers at up to 2000 times per minute, rubbing through even the toughest, driest skin and making short work of ugly, nasty calluses.

And once you've got perfect-looking feet, you can keep Miracle Foot Care Machine in your bag or carry case to take with you on holiday, or wherever you might need to keep your feet looking their best in minutes.

Note: Battery: 4x AA batteries are not included

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>How To Use
  • Remove the rubber cover that protects the roller before use.
  • Make sure that the roller is securely fastened to the unit.
  • Do not start without a hard-skin roller.
  • Twist the silver ring to the left to
  • start the device and place the dead skin roller on the skin.
  • Gently sliding, dead skin will be removed
  • The product can only be used on dry skin.
  • Do not press vigorously, otherwise the product's safety feature will turn on

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