Multi-Function Car Jump Starter

Multi-Function Car Jump Starter

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Reliable Power Bank.
Unlike other portable power banks, this device packs an incredibly powerful 16000mAh battery that you can rely on. It will save you every time you need it.

Never Get Stuck With Your Car.
No one believes it until they try it out, but this small device can jump start any car. What’s more, it’s 3 minutes faster than a normal jump start.

Charge Anything On The Go.
Fully equipped with 4 USB ports and a headphone jack, you can charge most of your devices on the go. Another reason to keep this in your car.

Bring It With You Anywhere.
Despite its impressive power, this smart tool fits your glove compartments, and it doesn’t weigh much either. Anyone in your family will be able to use it.

LED Flashlight.
You can use this smart tool in the darkest nights because of its built-in LED flashlight. A life saver for when you’re stuck with your car outdoors, after sunset.

100% Protection.
Thanks to its high-quality, gold clamps your device and car are protected from over current, short circuits, overloads, overvoltages, and overcharges.


"Couldn't believe this little thing could jump start my car, but it did. I'm very happy with this product! Saved me $80+ from having to tow it (paid for itself really quick). Fast delivery, and well packaged. I like that it's really small and easy to bring everywhere."
- Dan Penner

“The wife has a 2011 Jeep Wrangler and when she went to start it the battery was dead. She hooked this up and it started right up. Great purchase and would recommend to anyone who is worried about being stuck with a dead battery.”
- David Weltman

“I was completely skeptical that this would jump my Honda CR-V. How can something that will charge your phone also be powerful enough to jump start a car? BUT IT WORKS! I charged it overnight, clamped the clips to the + and - thing-a-ma-gigs and started the car. BAM! Power! I was completely amazed.”
-Bob Byers

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