Multi-Function Key Organizer

Multi-Function Key Organizer

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Tired of fumbling for the right key? Want to de-clutter your pockets? Then this Multi-Function Key Organizer is for you!

Stop wasting time and space on bulky keychains and clusters of keys. De-clutter your pockets and store up to 30 keys in this stainless steel organizer.

Plus, it comes with a multi-tool that acts as a bottle opener, ruler, pry bar and hex wrench. You won’t need anything else with this all-in-one EDC key organizer.

No need to fumble with your lock in the dark anymore. The Multi-Function Key Organizer has dual LED lights at either end which allow you to see your keyhole in the dark.

You’ll save time and space with this sturdy key organizer. The sleek design and key clip reduces bulkiness without compromising on practicality.

Long day? Need to crack open a beer? This key organizer comes with a multi-tool which includes a bottle opener.

It’s simple to add in keys- just unscrew the holding pin at one end, add in your key, and tighten the holding pin again.

Avoid lost keys, jangling pockets and scrabbling for a bottle opener by ordering your Multi-Function Key Organizer today!


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