Multi Use Laser Level

Multi Use Laser Level

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Whether you are an amateur DIY enthusiast or a trade professional, ensuring things are level is an integral part of many tasks.

This amazing Multi-Use Laser Level is the perfect tool for every job!

Ideal for fitting shelves and cupboards, laying tiles or flooring, putting up pictures, hanging wallpaper, and much, much more!

The Multi-Use Laser Level is the tool you need for any job which requires a straight line or accurate measurement.

The tool projects a horizontal or vertical laser light beam.

The Multi-Use Laser Level also comes with an 8-foot (2.44 metres) locking measuring tape.
Measurements come in both standard and metric units.

Powered by 3 x AG13 cell batteries (not included with item).

Class IIIA laser Product, 3.5mW Max Power Output. Misuse of product can cause permanent eye damage, please keep away from children.

Once you use the Multi-Use Laser Level, you will wonder why you didn’t switch to this clever technology sooner. It’s the solution to all your DIY and handyman needs.

This great tool also contains 3 traditional level ‘bubbles’ which help your produce the optimum results every time!

Order the Multi-Use Laser Level today and improve your toolbox tomorrow!


I'm shocked at how well this works for the price! The coolest thing about this is the way you can turn the laser from a cross shape to an X shape or any angle in between. This feature would be great for hanging pictures along a stairway.

It’s a pretty useful and handy tool because it’s all in one. Every man should own 2 of these!

This unit is nicely thought out and well built. The combination of triple level (horizontal, vertical and 45 degree), ruler, measuring tape, and laser - work well together.

The best laser level measure. Try the laser & leveler for my 3 picture frames at about 4 to almost 5 feet, this is the quickest I hung those frames.

Love this thing my husband and his friend were grateful I ordered it. The laser made it super easy for them to keep everything even.

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