Nebula™ - Magnetic Phone Holder

Nebula™ - Magnetic Phone Holder

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Don’t risk your life while driving, keep your phone visible and within arms-reach for everything you need while driving. Get the Magnetic Phone Holder to keep yourself free and focused whenever you’re on the road.

Stop risking you and your passengers lives while riding to check your phone, the Magnetic Phone holder gives you the world’s best mounted, 360 degree, universal, cradle less access to your phone while driving.

Ergonomic design for one-handed access to your phone while driving.

Keep your phone in-view for clear reading, hands-free access and peripheral viewing while driving, by simply adjusting your phones placement while mounted onto the Magnetic Phone holder.

Your Magnetic Phone Holder comes with an extra-strong magnet to allow your device to snap onto the holder instantly and securely, any smartphone can easily fit onto your holder.

Hassle-Free Installation - simply place the adhesive on a flat surface for mounting of your Magnetic Phone holder.

Short-range neodymium magnets are safe near all electronics.

You can use the holder with your smartphone, tablet or your favourite electronic device. And you can attach the slim metal disc to your phone case instead of your phone if you like.

The mount uses foam adhesive tape so it is safe to remove from any dashboard or surface.

The 360 degree rotational capability gives you unlimited angles to view and access your device from.


From design to functionality this product is a winner. The three adhesive magnets are so strong that they connect the phone to the holder even through a silicon case.

Loving this cute small phone holder. I’ve bought a few in the past that claim they can hold any phone, any size, no shaking or falling....

This works great! I mounted it to my dashboard and it easily holds my Samsung Galaxy phone.

I just love this product and is has worked very well for me, so far. It really sticks to the dashboard and I can place it where it is convenient for me.

So far, so great!!! I have tried several other phone holders, and this is the best so far. The others were too bulky, and did not stay on.

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