Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player

Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player

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There is nothing more calming than the soothing sight of waves. But sadly we can’t all live by the sea, so why not bring the sea into your house?!


It’s simple with the Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player!

This amazing mini-projector/night-light can be placed anywhere in the house, projecting calming wave patterns onto your wall or ceiling, and creating a relaxing, cozy, or romantic atmosphere.
Ideal for your children’s bedroom, a romantic night with your partner, or simply for relaxing on your own.

The Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player comes with its own built-in choice of 4 music tracks, or use the USB cable (included in package) to connect your projector to your own music player.

Shut out the stresses of the outside world, pour a glass of wine, and relax with soothing wave projections and your favourite chillout music.

The Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player also creates the perfect backdrop for yoga or meditation sessions.

You may not be able to get to the beach today, but you can order the Ocean Wave Projector & Music Player today and bring the calming sensation of waves into your own home.

It really helps my insomniac flatmate get back to sleep when she wakes up. I'd give it 5 stars!

This light is amazing I bought for my daughter but now I will end up buying myself one as it has helped with my anxiety. I never been able to find anything to help my anxiety and this did. I recommend it for everyone.

If you have trouble sleeping and need a soothing distraction, I highly recommend this projector. The projector casts a soft light onto the ceiling that mimics the reflection of water. You can change the color of the light and if you like, you can also turn on the sounds of nature.

It works well! Fills up my whole bedroom and it doesn't matter all that much where I put it. The pre-recorded sounds are a nice bonus!

The lights are great and the way they move- it really does feel like being under the water (says my friend the diving instructor too :)) I am very pleased since the older models were really bad.

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