Perfect Bake

Perfect Bake

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Want to cook food to perfect and reduce fat at the same time? Then the Perfect Bake is for you!

The Perfect Bake is a raised liner which fits inside roasting trays and pans to improve cooking and reduce fat content.

Made from high quality silicone, the Perfect Bake can withstand the high temperature of your oven and is easy to clean.

Cut to the correct size with scissors and slot inside your baking tray when cooking.

The food rests on the points of the pyramid, avoiding contact with the pan and therefore any sticking or burning.

Its pyramid structure raises food so that fat drains away as it cooks, giving you a healthier meal.

Better air circulation beneath the food for even cooking, as heat is distributed more equally. You’ll barely need to turn your food as it cooks!

Perfect for breaded foods such as goujons, nuggets or onion rings, the Perfect Bake leaves food crisp on both sides.

Pyramids slot into one another as you roll the mat up, allowing for neat and compact storage.

Use it in the oven as you cook or as a cooling mat when you take hot food out the oven.

Reduce fat, cook food more evenly, and eliminate burned pans with the Perfect Bake- get yours today!


It makes baking a breeze. Cleaning is very simple and it is not necessary to grease the pan. The food does not stick or burns. I could not be happier with this product.

This is incredible! I love this silicone baking paper. Nothing sticks and the fat slips away from the food.

My wife made her famous chicken panko meatballs and I have to say they were definitely more crispy. It is also very easy to clean.

This kitchen accessory is FANTASTIC !!! It makes cooking and cleaning very easy !! The food is cooked well without having to keep all that juice in it. Everyone should have one of these !!

I bought two, one I cut it to make it adapt to small pans. It works well and cleans itself completely. I love how it can be stored in pans when not in use.

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