Perfect Painter

Perfect Painter

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Do you love the look of the freshly painted wall ceiling or fence? But avoid painting because of those paint roller that drips and splatter?

Then what you really need is the all new Perfect Painter Set!

With quick and easy professional paint system that can transform the look of the entire wall, ceiling or fence in just minutes with NO DRIPPING AND NO CONSTANT BACK AND FORTH TRIPS TO THE PAINT TRAY!

No Drips.. No Mess.. No Splatter...

It's easy! Just fill it up with your favorite paint (1L of paint) and you can have a wall painted in 5 minutes, or an entire room in just 20!!

You control how thick the paint is by how hard you press so all you'll ever need is one coat to get the job done.

Say Goodbye to Time Consuming Prep Time!

What's Included:
1 x Perfect Paint Roller
1 x Flocked Edger
1 x Easy-Pour Jug
3 x Extended Poles


I love this roller. Totally saved time, and I love the fact that I didn't have to re dip into the paint every 2 seconds.

I did an entire room in half the time it would have taken me with a conventional roller. I need to get another one so my husband can help with the next project!

This thing worked like a champ! I used a full 1/2 of the amount of paint I have used in the past on a large room. Not to mention how much faster I was able to cover the area. I would absolutely buy this again.

Super easy to set up. Super easy to use. Follow the directions for set up and you are ready to go. A gallon of paint later my house was spruced up and not a drop of paint on my marble floor. I also did not tape off or prep the areas. Highly recommend if you want simple to use and fast set up.

I am 63 and I wanted the most stress free way to paint in the shortest amount of time. I had to paint the exterior wood walls and trim on my home (approx. 400 sq ft) and it only took 2 hours. No mess, no fuss, easy cleanup and lots of compliments!

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