Posture Perfect

Posture Perfect

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Are you a serial sloucher? Poor posture causing you back and shoulder pain?

Posture Perfect is definitely meant for you!

If you’re searching for a simple and effective way to improve your posture, then look no further.

With just 2 hours of wear each day you can dramatically alter your posture and alleviate associated back and shoulder pain.

Posture Perfect gently pulls the body into an upright position and combats the muscle fatigue causing bad posture. Whether you are sitting at a desk or working out in the gym, good posture is essential to avoid injuries. Invest in Posture Perfect and protect your long-term health.

Made from Neoprene and fitted with 12 health magnets along the upper spine and lower back, plus adjustable shoulder and waist straps to fit all sizes.

Product Sizes

Medium, Waist 66-84cm (25"-33"), Length/Width 84/39cm (33"/15")

Large, Waist 85-92cm (33"-36"), Length/Width 92/39cm (36"/15")

Extra Large, Waist 93-97cm (36"-38"), Length/Width 97/39cm (39"/15")

Customer Reviews

> Progression

Results are clear after a week of wear. In the Adaptive Phase (week 1), your posture will gradually alter. During the Adjustive Phase (week 2), this posture will begin to become part of your muscle memory. Finally, the Retentive Phase (week 3 onwards) will mark the maintenance of this new posture.

This lightweight and flexible Posture Perfect balances the shoulder, waist, abdomen and back to alter your form into a healthier position.

Improve your posture and alleviate associated aches and pains by purchasing the Posture Perfect today!


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