Reflexology Mat

Reflexology Mat

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With busy and stressful lives, we all wish we had a personal masseur at home who could relax us after a long day at work and get rid of all our pains.

Now, with the Reflexology Mat, you can destress in the comfort of your own home.

Made of high resistant plastic, this durable Reflexology Mat allows you to target the areas of your body experiencing issues.

For ease of use, the different coloured stones are coded to different body parts or organs, allowing you to work on specific ailments.

The idea behind reflexology is that pressure to certain areas of the feet or hands can correspond to various parts of your body. No need for oil or lotion, the Reflexology Mat is easy to use and achieve relief!

Use the Reflexology Mat for massage, and you will improve your metabolism, clear your meridians, and improve immunity levels and qi and blood flows.

Because of its handy size and ease of use, you can take your Reflexology Mat anywhere. Use it at home, in the office, or on holiday!

Why be in pain or stress now when you could be using this brilliant Reflexology Mat? Order today and massage those aches away!


I use mine day and night, and my feet feel the difference. Helps to improve my overall foot circulation and health. A must-have for stiff tired feet.

This mat feels great on my feet. I use it when I do the dishes or anytime I am standing over the sink. It doesn't take long to feel that the product is working on my feet. I stand on it maybe 10-15 minutes, and my feet are thanking me. It is worth to buy!

Fabulous item! I use it every day while watching TV! It is a very thorough foot treatment that tunes up the whole body!

This was a cool item. I use it often it’s for the feet but tunes in with the whole body. It’s also easy to store. Great buy!

I really love this mat! My job requires me to walk a lot, and this has been a great help! I used to want one, but the ceramic one is too heavy and expensive. This plastic one has the positive and good impact, I feel relax after I walk on it several times.


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