Salad Cutter Bowl

Salad Cutter Bowl

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Salad Cutter Bowl

Love salads but hate all the slicing and dicing? This Salad Cutter Bowl can help you to cut several different ingredients together quickly and easily!

Create your own salad in just a few minutes with this portable, multifunctional, and easy to use Salad Cutter Bowl. Made from ABS Material of Food Grade, the Salad Cutter Bowl can be used for cutting fruits and vegetables to satisfy your hunger within a minute. The high-quality ABS material ensures that all the vegetables and fruits don't get contaminated whereas the board underneath keeps your kitchen tops free from cutting marks!

The multifunctional cutting bowl can also be used to wash and drain vegetables without touching them. So simply grab your favorite vegetable, put it in the cutting bowl, pour some water to wash it and you are just 60 seconds away from enjoying a delicious meal!

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  • FAST & EASY: Simple, efficient, and user-friendly. No need to worry about cutting your fingers anymore. You can now spend more time enjoying your salad!
  • WAVE-WHEEL DESIGN: Wave-wheel connection design keep the top bowl steady while cutting. Reach the long sharp knife all the way to the bottom to cut vegetables thoroughly, then easily lift and rotate the top bowl just by 2 fingers with the unique handle on the top and slice again, a large fresh salad is ready! 
  • HEALTHY & DURABLE: High-Quality ABS Plastic, BPA free, 100% food-grade FDA approved. 
  • MULTIFUNCTION - Not just a Salad Cutter Bowl its Your All-In-One Salad Cutter, progressive chopper. cutting board, strainer, vegetable chopper, vegetable slicer, mini chopper, and bowl. Use it in many ways!

How to make a healthy and nutritious salad:

▶ Step 1: Ensure that the ingredients are clean, place them in the bowl, and make sure the ingredients are no more than 3/4 of the bowl.

▶ Step 2: Close the bowl and make sure the upper cover is attached securely to the base. Cut the ingredients with the pedestal into small pieces and slices.

▶ Step 3: Rotate 90 degree of the upper cover and fix it to the base, again, then cut the ingredients to make them even smaller.

▶Step 4: Now, enjoy your delicious and nutritious salad!

Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
Certification: CIQ,CE / EU
Model Number: SP17062710
Material: Plastic
Item: Salad Cutter Bowl
Color: White

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