Saw Drill Bit Set

Saw Drill Bit Set

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The ideal tool for the amateur or professional handyman or DIY enthusiast

This amazing drill bit set can quickly cut precise holes in; Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Fibreglass, Stainless Steel, Iron, Wood, Formica, and many other laminates in mere seconds.

The Saw Drill Bit Set comes in High Speed Steel with Titanium Coating, and consists of 5 different sized bits.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, this fantastic Saw Drill Bit Set is the perfect tool for installing new locks, placing knobs in doors or cabinets, or for any time where you need to make a large-diameter hole. It can also be used to drill holes for parking sensors and parking radar systems.

In your Saw Drill Bit Set package you get;
1 x 16mm HSS Hold Saw
1 x 18.5mm HSS Hold Saw
1 x 20mm HSS Hold Saw
1 x 25mm HSS Hold Saw
1 x 30mm HSS Hold Saw
1 x Wrench

The Saw Drill Bit Set is high quality and the ideal choice for professional and DIY jobs. Buy today and you will be completing jobs within days of receiving it!


Great buy! It’s sturdy and compact design was effective against a metal pipe I am using in some home repairs. The bits fit tightly into my drill and didn't skip when making contact with metal pipe.

Bought this for my boyfriend and he loves it! Says it comes with every piece he needs!

Worked great to cut a hole in my metal sink for my reverse osmosis water spout.

I needed a good hole saw to cut some holes through the steel panels of my shop to run electrical wire to the outside. I barely had time to pull the trigger on my drill and it was already through the steel panel. These worked great.

My husband really wanted these for projects he does! He was so impressed at the way they worked for the price! He is loving these. They are great quality, great price and they go through metal so easily!

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