Solar Powered Floor Path LED Light (4 Pack)

Solar Powered Floor Path LED Light (4 Pack)

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Light up your world with the Solar Powered Floor Path LED Light!

The Solar Powered Path LED Light is all you’ll ever need to illuminate your pathway!As it is solar-powered, it eliminates the need for wiring; just plot it in your driveway and let it do its job!These lights charge during the day and automatically turn on at night. The surface is made from a high-quality stainless steel aluminum alloy that goes well with any decor and doesn’t rust. These LED lights are perfect for gardens, pathways, balconies, and so much more!


Waterproof (IP64), dust-proof, and durable
Solar-powered LED lights
Designed with a stainless steel trim to match any décor!
Motion-activated to turn on at night
Get the Solar Powered Floor Path LED Light now!


Boy let me tell you! These lights are out of sight...So much brighter! Those two extra led lights which makes four of them TRULY make a world of a difference!

I have them around a tree and you can CLEARLY see these from the street at night. Heck, if these lights would have been sold in 2015 I would have definitely bought these instead of the other ones!

We were having an event and we wanted a way to light the walkway. We started with only 1 pack to ensure they would work. They did fantastic. Very bright! Way brighter than I thought they would be and they are low to the ground - which I like.

I love that the dogs don't dislodge them while playing in the yard. The other taller ones are destroyed by the dogs. They look good along a path or other places surrounding our flagstone path.

We have a curved walkway, and part of it just stays dark since the porch light does not reach it, and neither does the light on the side of the house. These solar lights are doing the job! Will order more to complete my look.

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