Storm Glass Crystal

Storm Glass Crystal

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This Storm Glass Crystal will prove to be a real talking point with your family and friends.

The Storm Glass Crystal is a natural way to forecast the weather. Inside the sealed glass container is a mixture of distilled water, ethanol, and camphor, which reacts to pressure changes and allows you to forecast the weather.

The liquid changes from clear to cloudy to crystal flakes depending on the impending change in the weather, and lets you predict clear days, overcast skies, or even thunderstorms!

These instruments were often used when barometers were not available and have a history going back centuries.

The Storm Glass Crystal will stand out no matter where you place it; on your work desk, on a bookshelf, or as a centrepiece on a coffee table.

Please note, the Storm Glass Crystal may need one to two weeks to allow the crystal to stabilise after transport and to adjust to your environment. Do not place the Storm Glass Crystal in direct sunlight or too close to air conditioning or central heating units, as this may cause the crystal to deteriorate.

Materials: borosilicate glass, compound liquid, water, ethanol, natural camphor.
Comes with optional wooden base.

Add this handy and unusual Storm Glass Crystal to your office or home now and order today!

This is so beautiful. I got this today and put it on my desk i just can't stop looking at it to see a change. I truly love it.

This is a great gift to give. I am enjoying it.

Nice conversation piece. So far it's been fairly accurate, but we have had nothing but rain for two weeks, haha!

I seriously love this!!! The design is so sleek, i can’t wait to put it on my desk in my office studio. And the flakes are accurate!

Makes a great decoration and everyone always asks about it, which excites me. I sure do love the cool style!

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