Stretchy Lid Cover (Set of 6)

Stretchy Lid Cover (Set of 6)

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One of the biggest challenges in our kitchens today is that of storing food freshly. Another is the strange phenomenon of storage containers losing their lids or vice versa.

This ingenious Stretchy Lid Covers (Set of 6) helps solve both these problems in one fell swoop!

These eco-friendly covers are made of food grade silicone and stretch to fit a range of container sizes.

Use the Stretchy Lid Covers to cover pots, bowls, containers, and even fruit and vegetables.

These handy covers are a great way to keep food fresh and save on waste.

No more storage frustration, simply buy the Stretchy Lid Covers (Set of 6) today, and you will wonder how you coped before!

These are the most amazing lids I have ever owned. They are spill proof. Not sure how I lived without these. They stack together for easy storage and have several tabs to help stretch them over the bowl and then to let the air out.

These lids are fabulous! I used cling wrap before I started to use these lids. Not only does it saves me money, but these lids help reduce waste. Easy to wash, easy to use. Very happy with the purchase.

I love these lids. They have replaced many lids that I had lost to bowls I still have and use. Also, I can even use them to cover pots with dinner leftovers to reheat the next day. These lids are genius and I will definitely be buying more.

Great product. They fit just about anything and seal tight. I would recommend them to anyone who has odd size bowls or pans or has lost lids to them.

These silicone lids are excellent, easy to pull onto cups/bowls/containers. These covers are the best solution, and the real beauty of them is that they are reusable and easily cleaned.

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