Sushi Bazooka

Sushi Bazooka

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Want to make your own sushi but think it looks too difficult? Looking for creative, healthy lunch box meals? Then the Sushi Bazooka is for you!

The Sushi Bazooka is an all-in-one sushi maker which allows you to prepare healthy sushi at home easily.

Easy to use, just add sushi rice and your favourite fillings into the loading tray to get a perfect sushi roll at home. Serve as it is or wrap it in nori for a delicious roll.

Make roll after roll of picture perfect sushi at home with no training required.

Use fresh fish, leftover meats, vegetables or even sweet spreads as filling for your sushi rolls- experiment and enjoy!

Ideal gift for someone on a health kick or Japanese food lover. A great introduction to cooking with with kids as there are no sharp edges and it’s so simple to use.

Quick to clean and dishwasher safe, the Sushi Bazooka is by far the easiest way to make sushi at home.

Includes sushi tube, plunger and endcap.

Start enjoying sushi in your home and packed lunches with the Sushi Bazooka today!


If you love sushi like us, you have to buy this. Super easy and incredible. Easy to clean too.

I bought this product for my 16 year old daughter for Christmas and it is one of the things that she has not tired of using, even my husband has started using it. I'll buy it again to give to other family members at Christmas.

My husband loved this as a Christmas gift and made sushi last week. He was happy with everything and he loved this.

What can I say? I love! It is easy to use and clean. I've been making sushi with the whole family :-)

I can not believe it, I can make sushi in a minute. The rolls are even bigger than in a sushi restaurant. Easy to clean, making sushi is easy and fast. The best invention!

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