Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser

Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser

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Create beautiful, full, bouncy curls in second with this dryer diffuser that spins your hair like a tornado to dry and curl your hair simultaneously in seconds!

Unlike curling irons and hot rollers that damage your hair, this Wind Spin Hair Curl Diffuser is healthier for your hair! A hair dryer and curler all in one!

Create Beautiful, Full, Bouncy Curls in seconds!
Easy and safe to use
Works with all hair-dryers
Curl your hair without damage
Compact and portable

Wash hair, partially dry and apply a thermal spray
Put wind spin diffuser on blow dryer
Put sections of hair in the wind spin diffuser, turn on blow dryer low to moderate heat
Move Diffuser up and down on hair section for a approx. 15 seconds then repeat on all sections of hair you want curled

I actually think this product is great. It gives my straight limp hair some nice beachy waves.

Love this. Makes my hair look nice with extra body.

I use a mousse first and dry a little before attaching this to the dryer and it comes out great. Would totally recommend!

Curls hair fast. I would recommend it for gals with long straight hair who need some volume.

I love this! I have really thick hair that usually takes 2 hours to curl but with this it takes at most 45 minutes. Not to mention I get the big loose curls that I love.

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