Wine Wonder

Wine Wonder

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Tired of fumbling around with a manual corkscrew ?

Now you can un-cork that wine bottle fast and enjoy your wine without getting frustrated

When you just don't have the strength nor the patience, the Wine Wonder will make things easier. 

This automatic wine opener will make a great addition to your kitchen or is a great gift for those who love to serve wines on a special occasion.

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>How to Use

Here's how to use the Automatic Wine Opener:

  • Using the U-shaped leaf cutter, remove the bottle strip.
  • Position the bottle opener overhead the cork and press the upper side of the switch (arrow up).
  • The corkscrew will automatically bore down into the cork. Once it's deep enough to pull, press the lower switch (arrow down) for the corkscrew to pull upwards, taking the cork with it until it pops off the bottle.
  • Press the arrow-down switch again to get the cork. 


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